My passion in esports can also be seen through the diversity of involvement in offline events. Working with major tournament organisers and different staff teams have helped me gain a well rounded understanding of the industry, tournament structures, format and organisation.


Twitch Interactive, Inc.

Twitch Rival | November 2020

Administrator/League operations

  • Oversee smooth execution of the online tournament, ensuring adherence to rules and resolving any disputes.
  • Maintain accurate player data, match scores, and tournament progress for future reference and potential analysis.
  • Manage communication with partnered streamers and influencers, addressing inquiries and fostering a positive community experience.


RedBull Contested | 2023

Administrator/League operations

  • Setting up computers
  • Assisting european players
  • Providing troubleshoot



BLAST R6 Major | 2023

League Operations

  • Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of Rainbow Six Siege through successful execution of a major tournament.
  • Developed a tournament score system for the live audience at the BLAST R6 event, enhancing fan engagement.
  • Collaborated effectively with the team to deliver a smooth and engaging esports experience.

ESL IEM Katowice Royale // Photo from ESL

ESL Gaming GmbH

ESL IEM Katowice Royale 2019 | 26 Feb – 4 Mar, 2019

Player Management

  • Provide guides and welcome team/player to the new LAN environment
  • Arrange players’ ticket and transportation
  • Translate announcements and message to Chinese teams

ESL Pro League – Season 9 Group Stage | 14 – 17 May, 2019

Referee/League operations

  • Manage equipment – set up and pack down
  • Provide support for players and solve technical issues
  • Enforce tournament rules and reporting tactical pauses

ESL One Dota 2 Birmingham 2019 | 27 May – 3 Jun, 2019

Translator for Chinese teams

  • Provide live translation and interpretation on and off camera
  • Assisting teams and players to communicate with event staff team

Guns of Boom | 4 – 8 Jul, 2019

Referee/League operations

  • Set up stage for mobile phone screen capturing
  • Guide players through walk-in
  • Provide support to players and solve technical issues

FIFA | 2020

Administrator/League operations

  • Manage the online FIFA tournament, ensuring adherence to tournament rules and resolving disputes.
  • Update standings, and maintain accurate player records within the tournament platform.

ESL UK Premiership Final // Photo taken by Fran


League of Legends EU Masters – Spring Season | 25 – 29 April, 2019

Referee/League operations


ESL UK Premiership – Winter Finals | 22 – 25 Nov, 2019

League operations


Kurtzpel Challenger Series Finals – EU & NA | 1 Feb, 2020

Observer & league operations

  • Prepare productions schedule and bracket
  • Organise players and lobbies through Discord
  • Communication between productions and players
  • In-game observing
  • Production schedule was accurate and the programme was fully on time


Matt Loftus

League Operations Associate & Tournament Director

FACEIT PUBG Global Summit // Photo from FACEIT


PUBG Global Summit 2019 | 14 – 22 Apr, 2019

Referee/League operations

  • Manage equipment set up and pack down
  • Run tournament and provide technical support
  • Translate announcements and message to Chinese teams

Gfinity Arena // Photo taken by Fran


Call of Duty CWLLondon | 2 – 5 May, 2019

Referee/League operations

  • Setting up over 100 Playstations
  • Manage Bravo group of Pro tournament
  • Ensuring tournament is running smoothly

F1 Esports 2019 Event 1 – 4 | Sep – Dec, 2019

Referee/League operations

  • Work with Formula 1 and Fanatec on tech support
  • Equipment set up and pack down
  • Logging penalties

NBA2K | 12 – 15 December, 2019

Referee/League operations

  • Provide technical support
  • Ensure tournament is running smoothly
  • Assist players to the new LAN environment


Ali Rezvan

Gfinity League Operations Event Manager