Volunteering was the first place that ignited my passion for esports, and I have continued to work on community management to foster healthy and safe online communities.

Screenshot of community tournament site

& Pookie Nation

Valorant Game Changer Community Lead & Manager


Community Lead

  • Setting up Discord community and managing everyday communication.
  • Setting up automation for different functionalities: notifications of stream, security and more.

Pookie Nation

Team Manager

  • Organise scrims, manage team practices, and ensure on-time arrival for Valorant Premier Tournaments.
  • Create a website portal for the team to track upcoming matches and assigned roles.
  • Foster a positive and competitive environment within the Valorant community.

ESL Mobile Open // Photo from ESL

ESL Play

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PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds

Edition Staff Head (Jun 2019 – 2020) | Staff Head (Sep 2018 – Jun 2019) | Referee Junior & Trainee (Jun 2018 – Sep 2018)


Tournament coordination & management

  • Educate trainees and admins on tournament system
  • Create staff guideline for clear section procedures
  • Manage and update tournament settings
  • Build up team spirit in the staff members

Community management

  • Format tournament announcement to help players to engage with ESL Play
  • Process support tickets & resolve technical issues
  • Manage and clean up Discord channel messages

Content creation


Markus Koskivirta

Head of Tournament at Elisa Esports
(Previous Community Manager at ESL)


Patrik Scheidt

League Operations Specialist (Previous Community Manager)


Jenny Thieslauk

Global Staff Head

ESL UK Premiership // Photo taken by Fran

United Kingdom

Region Staff Head (Aug 2019 – 2020)



  • Review and process admin applications
  • Conduct interview meetings with potential new admins
  • Create new email template for application responses
  • Provide training new admins on tournament support

Staff organisation

  • Assign admins into different game squad
  • Set up calendar reminder
  • Appoint reliable admins as game tournament leader

Tournament management

  • Create and clone online tournaments
  • Operate and manage Nintendo and other partners tournaments
  • Update tournament rules

Community support

  • Provide support on Discord and support tickets
  • Resolve team dispute with protest tickets
  • Improve overall UK tournament support speed
  • Listen to feedback from players and improve tournament experience


Alex Benson

Previously ESL UK Community Manager

ESL DACH League Branding

DACH League

Head of Graphics (Aug 2019 – 2020)


  • Set out tournament graphic design direction
  • Design stream elements and layout
  • Create social media templates
  • Delegate and coordinate tournament graphics team


Robin Laesch

Head of Referee

epic28 // Photo taken by Fran


Tournament Admin & Organiser – epic26, epic27, epic28

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


Staff and production organisation

  • Create graphics and visual brackets for stream under Ubisoft’s guideline
  • Plan and organise tournament structure, schedule and format
  • Set out and improve rules based on game operation season

Tournament management

  • Communicate tournament announcements through Discord channel
  • Set up tournament seeding and bracket
  • Create map veto system: a clean layout for production crew

Media coverage

  • Create social media graphics for tournament promotion
  • Publish photography of each event to capture the growth of the community
  • Posting social media update to generate more interest in the tournament and Rainbow Six Twitch channel


Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton

epic.LAN Esports Manager


Liam Whitehead

epic.Lan Esports Team Leader